Throwback: A Winter Walk with Faire & Pansy

I’ve got a Throwback Thursday post for y’all from last December.IMG_0699 copy

After the significant rains of November I had decided to take a walk around camp with our Australian Shepard puppy Pansy documenting the changes to the land. I had originally wanted to do a detailed nature observation while walking through camp up to our pond, paying closer attention to life’s more minute details and capturing them in photo and description. Quickly after I began the walk I realized this would not be happening, foiled by the puppy presence.

IMG_1421 copyPansy was only eleven weeks old then and a ball of pure puppy energy. Whether running too far ahead, tripping me up by deciding that I was the one who needed herding, or clumsily running towards the very edge of steep cliffs, he is quite the distraction.

Accordingly I decided to change my focus and document the state of our land after the twenty inches of rain we had received thus far.




Winter in Northern California is full of life and beauty and we at Groundswell are so thankful that we can steward such a gorgeous slice of it. Pansy certainly seems to love it out here as much as the rest of us do or maybe it’s just his boundless puppy zeal for life… though I’m sure it’s some combination of the two.IMG_0716 copy