About QUIL

Be rejuvenated by nature and community. Be celebrated for your authentic self. Be inspired to create change in the world.

Queers United for Intersectional Liberation (QUIL) is a nonprofit dedicated to helping LGBTQ people lead healthier, more fulfilled lives and giving them to tools to create positive change in the world. We produce unique programs each year, ranging from leadership conferences to artists’ retreats, and all geared towards strengthening LGBTQ individuals and communities.

Grace Towers leads queer storytelling around Groundswell's campfireLGBTQ people are three times more likely to face depression or other mental health issues. QUIL helps people heal the damage done by an often violent society by teaching them to celebrate their authentic selves. Through a mixture of workshops, retreats, skillshares, dances, collaborative projects, theatrics, and classes, our programs grow individuals’ skills, knowledge, and confidence.