QUIL’s Values

Queers United for Intersectional Liberation (QUIL) is proud to be based in values that are rooted in respect for diverse individuals, communities, and ecosystems. We incorporate these values into our programs through both content and how we interact with guests.

Queer Community

We build stronger LGBTQ* communities rooted in compassion, mutual respect, and celebrating our authentic queer selves.


We design innovative programs that facilitate creative expression and help people broaden their perspectives and possibilities.


We value and engage the perspectives and experiences of diverse communities and individuals.


We work to make programs accessible to all who need them, no matter their economic means or physical abilities.


We help empower emerging and established leaders in communities, giving them the tools and opportunities to grow their impact.


We believe the work of building an equal world for LGBTQ* people is tied into the work of social justice movements for all.


We model sustainable practices and help people have a deeper connection to nature and each other.