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QUIL’s groundbreaking LGBTQ* programs have already been making waves throughout California and beyond. We are helping queer people build community, leadership, and personal health at a time when these are needed more than ever. And, we’re making sure our services are open to the individuals and communities who need them most. But, we can’t do it alone: we need your support so we can keep serving more queer people and giving scholarships to all who need them.

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We work hard to make sure our programs are accessible to all, no matter what they can pay. This ambitious scholarship program has allowed us to serve Northern California’s incredibly diverse LGBTQ* communities with a focus on those that are traditionally neglected. People who have never had access to spaces of beauty and safety in nature have found a home here, and it has changed their lives.

We’re a young nonprofit , but in a short time we’ve accomplished a lot. In our first few years we:

    • Gave over $70,000 in program scholarships to more than 600 low income LGBTQ* individuals.
    • Created more than a dozen unique programs that have helped over 3,000 queer people lead healthier, more fulfilled lives, and gave them the tools to create positive change in their communities.
    • Helped underserved LGBTQ* communities develop safe and celebratory gatherings at Groundswell Institute while also building leadership within those communities through programs such as TRANScend and Xrysalis.
    • Created vital intersections between queer changemakers at our leadership, organizing, and creativity conferences, enabling them to expand their networks and access new resources.
  • Built anti-oppression education into most of our programs, helping further break down racism, sexism, ableism and other frameworks of oppression within LGBTQ* communities.

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Will you help us advance our important mission by making a donation today?

With your support, we can keep providing unique spaces and services that allow queer people to heal from the world and celebrate our authentic selves. Together, we can steward QUIL into an organization that will change thousands of LGBTQ* lives over the years to come.