Healing Block 2

Nori Reed- Sharing Our Stories: A Writing Seminar

Now more than ever, trans voices and stories need to be heard. This writing seminar will provide a structured space to investigate your writing voice and mold the stories that you want to share with the world.

Nori Reed is an LA based comedian, writer, and actress from Christian County, Kentucky. Nori cut her teeth in the stand-up world in Oakland, CA, and was boldly named by SF Weekly as ‘Oakland’s Next Great Comedian.’ Nori’s writing has been published in Vogue Magazine, and she recently finished writing for an Audible project produced by Alan Cummings and Lorne Michaels.

Snowflake Calvert- Self Defense Tips

As Trans/NB/GNC people become more visible in the world it is important to protect ourselves. Learn practical self defense tips with Snowflake, a 3rd degree Yong Do Won Black Belt Instructor and world champion fighter. Her family in the last 60 years has produced 4 generations of multi-disciplined black belt masters, instructors, and world champions.

Snowflake is a Two-Spirit artist of Yaqui and Tzotzil Mayan heritage, who serves as the President of QUIL (Queers United for Intersectional Liberation). She produces queer events throughout California and Oregon that allow her to curate a vehicle for political, social, and cultural activism through the artistry of her radical queerness. In addition, she is a professional dancer, teacher and entrepreneur. She was a member of The Haus of Towers, has worked with the BAAITS Powwow committee, teaches decolonization through movement workshops, is the former owner/director of The Dance Zone Studio, and hosts and participates in two-spirit talking circles.

Emanuel H.  Brown (he/him)-Embodiing Freedom 

Participants will be guided to through a series of breathe, movement and somatic activities to help answer the question “How can I experience more freedom right now?”. Reflections will be shared for collective learning and resonance through dialogue and creative practice. Participants should come prepared with pen, paper, crayons/markers/color pencils.

Emanuel is a Black Caribbean Trans Masculine Non-Binary person living at the at the intersections of race, gender and sexuality. As a Embodied Freedom Pracitioner, Emanuel works with BIPOC, and Queer/Trans* folks creating new strategies for liberation and freedom using healing/arts/spiritual (HEARTS) Justice. Emanuel is the Executive Director and Founder of Acorn Center for Restoration and Freedom located on occupied Northern Georgia Creek Territory.