Healing During A Pandemic Plenary

Nathalie Nia Faulk (They/Them/She/Her) is self described ebony southern belle born in Lafayette, Louisiana and living in New Orleans for the last nine years. Since her childhood, her work has lived at the intersections of performance, history and storytelling, healing justice, individual and organizational development, and community building. They use these competencies as tools for the liberation of all people, centering trans and gender non conforming black and brown people.
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Xavier Davenport (He/Him) works for HCH510.org (Asian Health Services) as an Advocate for trans /non-binary communities & PLWH. Pyramid Kings – Xavier Davenport’s own upcoming organization focusing on trans masculine identities through Facebook Groups (which focuses on supporting Surgery needs and resources. “Brothas”a group offering support, resources, and a safe space every Thursday. This group is in collaboration with #Brotherhood – Founded by Socorro “Cori” Moreland who is my brother and great Leader within Trans Masc community. 

Luckie Alexander (he/him/superman) is the founder of Invisible Men, is a Transman who is an advocate exacting change that builds bridges within the LGBTQI community and creates resources and support around transmasculine folks and trans parents. He is a member of Los Angeles County Transgender Advisory Council (TAC), CHIPTS CAB Member, HIV Commissioner and a proud member & Historian of the Brown Boi Project and the Director of Workforce Development at Trans Can Work. 

IG: @InvisibleTransMen 

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Kayla Gore (she/her/hers) is the cofounder of My Sistah’s House located in Memphis, Tn. She has over 10 years experience working in public health and advocating for the right of homeless TGNC COMMUNITIES.

All Socials: @MSHMEMPHIS

Website: www.mshmemphis.org