Karen’s Bio

Name: Karen Aguilar

Bio: Karen is the Lead Patient Navigator for Gender Health SF where she works with all of the program’s monolingual Spanish-speaking patients, which is almost 40% of GHSF’s total patients. She was part of the first Trans Health Study conducted in San Francisco and has been a community health worker and leader in San Francisco for many years. Karen’s outstanding commitment and advocacy with transgender communities was acknowledged in 2018 Heroes and Hearts award.

Workshop: Gender Procedures and Medi-Cal: What is available and how do I access it?

Have you ever wondered what the process is to access gender procedures?
Did you know that Medi-Cal is now covering Facial Feminization Surgery?
Why is the wait so long?
Join us to learn more about how to access gender procedures, what is currently covered and who is doing it, and current gender procedure wait times through Medi-Cal and Healthy SF.