Lev’s Bio

Name: Lev aka Fresh White!

Bio: Fresh “Lev” White is a recent graduate of Spirit Rock’s Community Dharma Leadership Program and has been teaching mindfulness and meditation at the East Bay Meditation Center (EBMC) since 2013. Lev is currently training in the Vipassana Tradition, through Spirit Rock and teaches at several sanghas around the Bay Area, including Against the Stream, SF, Dharma Punx, Oakland; Alameda Sangha and others. Lev is also a co-author in Real World Mindfulness for Beginners, Ed. By Brenda Salgado.

After leaving the tech field in 2009, Lev was certified and is now a professional trainer and life coach. Founder of Affirmative Acts Consulting & Coaching, as a trainer and facilitator, he has supported organizations such as Yahoo!, McKinsey & Company; Universities, and startups, with creating healthier and more productive work environments, though his diversity training. As a coach, Lev has supported executives, entrepreneurs, artists and other coaches with achieving their goals and dreams. He is described as a dynamic facilitator and brings his coaching and mindfulness skills to his work with various projects.

Lev lives to reflect love and self-acceptance to his diverse global community. A graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, he uses his leadership skills to support others with making deeper connections within themselves and team members.

Learn more about Lev on LinkedIn at: Fresh “Lev” White.

Workshop: Deepening Community for All

This workshop will help us to deepen community through identifying, discussing and co-creating some resources for white/European Americans who are interested in reducing the ways they may unknowingly be causing harm to POC at the conference and beyond.  We are creating a space where white folks and European Americans will be able to share openly, and better understand the conditions that create and maintain racism as part of our experience. Our goal is that you will be able to better to connect and cause less harm at this retreat and beyond.