Nico’s Bio

Name: Nico Dacumos 

Bio: Nico is a non-binary transgender chef, writer, and educator who advocates for ancestral practices that promote health for body, mind, spirit, community and planet. Nico has found healing from chronic illness not through Western medicine but through food, holistic medicine, and connection to his Filipino and Mexican spiritual practices. He believes that each person is on their own unique healing journey in this lifetime and wants to support them in any ways he can.

Workshop: Riots Not Diets: Activating Ancestral Foods to Heal & Resist

In this interactive workshop we will use discussion, artistic expression and meditation to activate our collective memories and teach each other about the food of our ancestors. We will discuss the ways that colonialism, slavery and modern-day diet industry and beauty myths keep us disconnected from our ancestral foodways and make us sick. Taking cues and inspiration from powerful works like The Body Is Not An Apology and the work of the Health At Every Size Movement, we will focus on taking the shame out of our relationships with food so that we can reconnect with the powerful medicine of food and eating.