MUSE: Revolution Call for Presenters

MUSE: Revolution

March 3 – 5, 2017

Deadline for workshop/presentation proposals is February 15th 2017

Groundswell is proud to announce our third annual queer creatives retreat, MUSE. The main goal of MUSE is to provide opportunities for networking and skill building for queer artists. All levels and types of creative skills are welcome.

This year’s theme is “Revolution” and we will be asking participants to explore what it means to be a queer artist in a time of political turmoil. Revolution is the idea of both the resistance to and overthrow of a system of oppression, but also the turning of any cycle. With that in mind we hope a number of workshops will focus on forms of art that create political or social change. While we don’t require all workshops be based on this theme, it’s great if you work it in to what you present.

We hope to have a wide range of those active in the arts community to present workshops, dialogues, and demonstrations.  We ask that each presentation fit loosely within the three “tracks” outlined below:

  • Learn – these workshops should be focused on development of individual or group creative skills. These can include sculpting, theater, photography, creative introspection, film, writing and lots more.
  • Act Up – we would like these workshops to focus on being politically and/or socially active as an artist. This can be focused on how to combine art and politics, how to combat propaganda with art, helping oppressed communities through art and so on. Please recognize that we are trying to keep this focused on the intersection of art AND revolution, so these must both be involved in your workshop/presentation.
  • Thrive – presenters within this track should focus on the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful artist. This might look like: how to find/write grants, how to market one’s creative skills, or any number of other skills that help artists survive, and even thrive, in capitalism.

If you have a clear idea for a presentation/workshop, submit your proposal here.

To discuss a possible presentation, get involved in other ways, or for more information, please contact:

Faire Faircloth, Program Coordinator

707-901-7059 x101

In addition, we have two opportunities for all participants in the retreat to strut their stuff, so to speak.  The first is a variety show for performers of all types and the second will be a salon of queer visual arts, fashion, and performance art held in our newly renovated event barn. Details below:

Queeriosities Cabaret: On Friday evening of the retreat there will be a variety show of sorts. This is open to whatever you feel like offering the group. If you’d like to help with the cabaret, please email Mike Korcek at

The Audre Lorde and James Baldwin Arts Salon: On Saturday of the event there will be an opportunity for all artists in attendance to show their work in an unconventional gallery-like setting. This year, to fit the theme, we’re asking for a focus on politically oriented art works. If you are interested in helping or showing, please contact salon organizer Dean Disaster at