Nature=Nurture: Eco-camp

Friday June 16th to Sunday June 18th 2017

gathering-materials-nature=nurture-eco-campEnjoy building with cob, regenerative ecology, finding critters in the woods, wildcrafting, or learning about sustainable agriculture? We are premiering a program full of eco-skillshares and earthy group projects, Nature=Nurture. Basking in the rejuvenative powers of the forest, we’ll learn skills that allow us to to work towards a symbiotic relationship with the wild wherever we are. The weekend will be focused on experiential learning – so be ready to get down and dirty.

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Nature has been proven to nurture us: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yet, too often this relationship is one-sided and we don’t nurture nature back. How can we live in such a way as to enjoy the bounties of the wild while also healing the earth from past human harm? This question forms the heart of this program, and at Nature=Nurture, we’ll explore the ways we can be part of the solution, not the problem.

fireside-variety-show-nature=nurture-eco-campIn addition to the daily workshops, group projects, and skillshares, we will be hosting different social scenes each night. On Friday, meet other attendees and begin to dive deep with the opening games and discussions. Then, Saturday night, we hold the Wiles of the Wild variety show, where all can feature their talents and inner freaks of nature. Both evenings will be centered around the campfire, though our nearby spa will be open playing-with-flowers-promo-for-nature=nurture-eco-campinto the night as well.

This is a community created event, so we are seeking people to help lead activities throughout the program. Do you want to lead a workshop on making tinctures, or maybe a cob oven project, or a plant identification hike? We want to work with you to make your activity into a fabulous reality. Read our full call for presenters here.

playing-with-baby-goat-promo-for-nature=nurture-eco-campRegistration includes all meals, programming, and lodging (bunk beds in cabins are available for the first 70 who want them and there are plenty of camping spots). We take pride in making food both delicious and nutritious, and are happy to work with people’s dietary needs. You will also have access to our 180 acres of forests and creek, as well as our clothing-optional spa. There are partial and full scholarships available for those who need them – you can apply for them here.

Let’s nurture with nature and nurture the nature around us all.

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Workshop & Activities

Healing from the Wild w/ Hunt Scarritt

Join the wildness without to the wildness within. Come join an intimate group which will meet and hike up to Grandfather Cedar. Sit in the healing circle and draw from her strength. Meditate, move, share stories with a partner and participate in a ritual of our own creation.

Herbal Medicine Chest & Herb Walk w/ Mitcho Thompson

This workshop will be a wandering glance at Mother Earth’s Medicine Chest. We shall roam and meet the various plants on the land that teach, help, and heal. Along the way we shall speak to wild crafting and stewardship. At the end we will discuss and learn how make use of what we bring back with us as teas, essences, tinctures and more.

Mindfulness Based Eco-Therapy w/ Rob “Robriel” Wolf

This beginner level session will introduce participants to the basics of Mindfulness Based Eco-Therapy, followed by a brief facilitated EcoTherapy session as a group. At the culmination of the group session, if they so desire, the participants will be offered the tools necessary to continue to use both mindfulness practices and EcoTherapy in their lives in an ongoing and self directed manner.

Notice the Details w/ James Hobson

I’d like to take people on a slow, detail oriented nature walk. Those who are interested in photography or drawing, please bring your equipment. I know a bit about the botany of the area, if anyone cares to share their knowledge of the geology, birds, insects or history of the area, that would be lovely. This will be an exploration of beauty in the small details.

Portable Shrines to the Wild Mind w/ Rob “Robriel” Wolf

In this workshop participants are encouraged to engage nature directly to find raw materials and meaningful touchstones with which to build a small portable shrine. These small shrines serve as reminder and grounding locus for the energy that exists in the human spirit when we are fully present in the untamed spaces and places of wilderness.

Sensory Explorations in Nature w/ Natan Daskal

This workshop will center around an exploration of our sensual experience of the land at Groundswell and is an opportunity to put our attention into the felt sensations of our bodies in physical contact with land, air, water, and life.

Soul and Soil, Tender Toil w/ Ami Puri & Vanessa Raditz

Through meditation we will ground and let ourselves be with, deeply, an eroding, animal impacted area at Groundswell. Using restorative agriculture practices, we will encourage soil stabilization, help protect the site from further damage, and prepare for a fall planting.

Wildcrafting Smudge Bundles w/ Rob Thoms

In this workshop, we will wander through the meadows, creeks, and forests of Groundswell, gathering fragrant materials to use for incense / smudge sticks (cedar and mugwort; perhaps others). We’ll discuss sustainable harvesting practices and how they are utilized by those who tend the wild, and also conjure properties and personalities for these plants.

Worried about how to get here? We have a carpool page!

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*** Groundswell events are only open to adults. You must be over 18 to attend***