Queer It Yourself

Friday July 21st to Sunday July 23rd 2017


We queers are builders of our own identities, families, and paths forward in life. Our makers festival, Queer It Yourself, is a chance for you to indulge in your creative spirit as you join other LGBTQ* makers for a weekend of crafting and building. There will be sculpting, carving, cooking, confecting, brewing, sewing, felting, and concocting of all kinds. It’s going to be an event packed full of natural beauty, sun soaked days, queer creativity, and people getting sweaty while they make fantastical creations. Plus, in addition to workshops and skillshares, group projects and craft areas will be happening all weekend so you can even bring your own projects to work on.

Groundswell is a space for exploration of yourself and of newphoto by Kegan Marling avenues in life. Maybe you’ve never been a maker but have always wanted to? This weekend is perfect place to pursue that passion. We’ll be hosting workshops on a variety of interesting skills: previous years have included workshops ranging from screenprints to resin casting to felt animals to marketing your crafts. We’ll be posting the full schedule in the weeks leading up to the event, so stay tuned.

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QIY 2017 Workshops

Beer Brewing Basics Bonanza w/ Spring Collins & Kyle DeVries

Come learn the basics of brewing beer, from hefeweizens to pale ales. We’ll go through the whole process of brewing, crafting a new batch, and then do some tastings of home made brews from the community. There will be demos and discussions of different techniques and recipes. We’ll even talk some about making your own mead!

Cut Up the Patriarchy Collage Workshop w/ Dean Disaster

Come create 3D collage while we discuss how to create new media from the old into positive stories about marginalized people. Materials provided: magazines and newspapers, foam, blank paper, scissors, glue and ModPodge. Materials needed: X-Acto knives or precision blades, magazines and newspapers or images that you want to destroy, collage materials you love to use, willingness to participate in hard discussions about male gaze and white privilege including the white gay male gaze onto women’s bodies and fashion.

Drag 101 w/ Grace Towers

Drag queen basics. We will cover makeup, body, performance, persona, fashion etc. I’ll be doing my face in front of everyone with a projection so that it’s visible. Those performing in the variety show should feel free to join as well. Those that are interested in painting their face will need to bring their own materials.

Felting for Faeries w/ Rob “Robriel” Wolf

This workshop will introduce participants to the fun world of stabbing tumbleweaves of wool with sharp pointy needles until they magically create tiny sculptures. Topics will include the basics of how needle felting works, an introduction to different types of materials and how to design and plan the construction of a small felted work of art.

How to be Clothes Minded w/ Mateo

Clothing swap meets styling course. Bring/Swap/Style. This will be a, “Master Class” in how to make something out of found, sourced or swapped materials, participants will be encouraged to bring an idea for a performance lewk, whether it will be something used for performing at the gathering, or elsewhere. With a few DragLab tools, (i.e. hot glue gun, spray paint, a sewing kit, glitter, etc.) we’ll concoct a fully realized look, and leave the Modocker Boutique in better shape!

It’s Hammer Time: Intro to Blacksmithing w/ Thor Young

Ever wanted to learn how to forge metal into new shapes and sculptures? We’re bringing out the anvils and gonna make it glow! Come learn the basics of blacksmithing and work on some simple projects, like handmade knives.

Making our own Ink and Pens w/ Mitcho Thompson

Making your own ink is not only fun, but can make your works of writing more powerful bout in intention and energy. In this workshop we will go forth into the woods to gather materials with which to make our own inks in a rainbow of colors! These inks will be perfect to use with the goose feather quill ink pens we shall make and use, just as the greatest literary mages in the past.

Straw into Gold w/ Christina “Bam Bam” Kossa

We will talk a little bit about the science of spinning – what holds a thread together. I will give a demonstration and you will get some hands on use of a drop spindle and a modern spinning wheel. I will have on hand the materials for creating your own drop spindle, there will be some fiber to spin with, or we can start foraging the bounty of Groundswell for something to spin.

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Queer It Yourself will culminate in a large-scale collaborative sculpture project that invites all to co-create a work of art with found materials. Together, we will build a statue in the woods, made of natural materials and inspired by shared vision. Rather than destroying this sculpture at the end of the event we will let it stand and decay. Eventually we hope to create a series of decomposing works of art in the woods – testaments to the beauty of group creative power and the natural world.

Registration includes all activities, delicious meals, lodging (70 cabin beds and plenty of camping spots), and access to the whole retreat center including our large group spa and swimming pond. There are also scholarships available for any who might need them – apply for them here. We look forward to crafting and creating with you soon!

Worried about how to get here? We have a carpool page!

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No pets are allowed at Groundswell Institute’s events, only ADA defined service animals. If you plan to bring your service animal, email us at events@groundswell.institute.
Please make other arrangements for the care of your pets while you are here.

*** Groundswell events are only open to adults. You must be over 18 to attend***

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