B/T’s Bio

Name: B/T


Preferred Pronoun: they/them/theirs
B/T began life as a freak in a small town. After spending time in more diverse places learning to be shamelessly hirself, B/T returned to the area where they grew up to bring body positive, sex positive, and gender affirming psychotherapy to rural Northern California. They love to facilitate experiences that empower people to enjoy creative embodiment and connection.
Body Euphoria
My hardware and my software don’t always match up, and that has made it hard to connect with myself and others at times. I’ve learned to make connections between them that allow me to experience body dysphoria less often, nurture my physical body, and feel embodied pleasure. During this workshop, we will use gender affirming guided imagery and mindfulness to strengthen these connections. Then we will have an opportunity to ask for and receive nurturing from each other to address any needs or desires we noticed during the meditation. Please dress comfortably and bring any item(s) you may need to feel comfortable during the meditation such as a favorite pillow.