Paolo Flores Chico’s Bio

Name: Paolo Flores Chico

Paolo Flores Chico

Preferred Pronouns: she/he/they/Paolo
Paolo Flores Chico is a Trans Filpinx acupuncturist in Oakland, CA. They graduated with a Master’s in Chinese Medicine from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) in San Francisco. Paolo co-owns Pink Light Healing & Beauty on Piedmont Ave where he runs his private practice and a community acupuncture clinic every Wednesday morning. They also started For the Love, a donation based community acupuncture project with clinics and sound healing events for the QTPOC community. Paolo is excited to share the endless benefits of Chinese Medicine with you. Core to his practice and values, Paolo finds it integral to both listen and meet people where they are. She sees each client as their own best expert, and is excited to support their path towards healing.