XRYSALIS: a gathering for QTIPOC communities

Friday August 11th to Sunday August 13th 2017

There’s really no such thing as the voiceless

There are only the deliberately silenced or

The preferably unheard

                                          -Arundhati Roy


xrysalis Queer people of color gathering 1Step into XRYSALIS

Fri. 8/11 – Sun. 8/13, 2017 @ Groundswell Institute


XRYSALIS is an annual event in nature celebrating and connecting Queer, Transgender, and Intersex People of Color (QTIPoC). XRYSALIS is where the creators of culture, the young or just young at heart, the unseen, the gifted, the creative come together and empower one another through fashion, art, activism, food, and connection. This ambitious and necessary event is in its second year and is a continued commitment to fulfill our vision: collective engagement, self-celebration, community building, and, most importantly, collective healing and restoration.


xrysalis Queer people of color gathering 2The annual retreat is held on 200 acres of beautiful forested land, which includes a large pond for swimming, a small farm, and half a mile of year-round creek for wading. Over the course of 3 days, we will engage in empowerment workshops, healing exercises, networking exchanges, drag and talent shows, and moonlight dances. The XRYSALIS dream is to channel all of our creative and loving forces in unison to celebrate our unique identifies in a world actively trying to erase us.

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This year we would like to introduce to you XRYSALIS: INTERSECTIONS. We pride ourselves on curating innovative and creative approaches to building our collective and this year we are stepping to the plate. XRYSALIS will be operating from what we call a Transformative Intersectional Empowerment and Leadership perspective. What this means is that we are committed to centering voices of those who are often silenced or held back in our community. If we continue to do what we have always done, the results we be what they have always been. The XRYSALIS vision is to turn that framework on its head so that we can enter a new era of collective community: For Us By Us.


xrysalis Queer people of color gathering 3Registration is now open! Groundswell works hard to make sure anybody can go to their programs, no matter their economic status. There are partial and full scholarships available for all who need them and the application is super simple. Sleeping arrangements include cabins (first come first served) and camp sites. Groundswell is equipped with public and private working showers, a commercial kitchen, large group hot tub, and extensive indoor and outdoor gathering spaces. Carpool is also available and we will be working to get some group shuttles going.

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Please find a brief description of a few of our program offerings below


XRYSALIS Mindfulness/Yoga Retreat and Natural Healing

There will be Yoga Retreat portion to help relax and rejuvenate your spirit.  Folks are encouraged to explore Groundswell’s beautiful 200 acres of nature, individually or as a group, to reconnect with those parts of us robbed of clean air, water, and the sounds of our sisterly species.


xrysalis Queer people of color gathering 5XRYSALIS Presents: GLEAUX

We will never fade, we will shine and light the shade

We’ll just illuminate, show are color ray

So lets just GLEAUX away, In the night they will see you

Illuminate”   -Dawn


A DIY Strip Club experience that will have you glowing all night long!

Let’s celebrate our all of the shapes and sizes of our bodies in all their glory and call on our ancestors under the stars! Bring yourself and bring them LQQKS, or pull from our extensive drag and costume cabin!


xrysalis Queer people of color gathering 6XRYSALIS Talent Show

Let the community know your talent(s). This is a free-form variety show for any and all that want to share their skills or performance passions. As QTIPoC we often move through the world unseen, or forced to suppress our inner magic. XRYSALIS wants you to claim your spot in the universe and let your magic shine! All levels of experience welcomed and encouraged; the XRYSALIS community is here to nurture and support your growth. Let us know you want to perform ahead of time or just sign up at the gathering.


XRYSALIS Leadership Incubator and Network

Get connected to queer folks of color who are doing the important community organizing work, from building collectives and intentional communities to leading protest movements. Network, learn, and get inspired by the powerful work our community is creating.

Plus many more as the event develops and you all add to it! Please feel free to contact the event organizers with any and all concerns, questions, and suggestions at xrysalis.project@gmail.com.

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No pets are allowed at Groundswell Institute’s events, only ADA defined service animals. If you plan to bring your service animal, email us at events@groundswell.institute.
Please make other arrangements for the care of your pets while you are here.

*** Groundswell events are only open to adults. You must be over 18 to attend***

Partial and full scholarships are available – apply here!