Halloween 2017

 Season of the Witch

Friday October 27th to Tuesday October 31st 2017

Calling in all the witches, the heathens and hedonists, the faeries and satyrs, the wood nymphs and tricksters! It’s time to sashay out to Groundswell for a weekend full of ritualized play and playful ritual as we celebrate and honor our ancestors, the spirits, and the fabulous communities they have made possible. We’ll do so through feasts and fetes, rituals of remembrance, carousing around campfires, devilish drag, lust and love, weirding in the woods, and rites of revolution. The days are growing darker, so let’s gather with our friends and chosen family for joy and heat.

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This year we are calling in the season of the witch – our season! We are all powerful witches (or magical beings of other types) and have the ability to forge our own destiny and create change in our lives and the world. Let’s work together to keep creating that beautiful future we wish were the present. The dark times of the year can be some of the hardest, and only by holding each other can we emerge stronger and ready for the hard work of the year(s) ahead.

Of course, the spirits and tricksters will also be visiting, so you can expect all sorts of shenanigans. We’ll be reviving our Ghastly Talent Show for Friday night, an open cabaret for all to showcase talents that are mesmerizing, horrifying, or both. Our haunted dance floor and wicked delights lounge will also be back with even more tricks and treats for our Saturday night dance party. Throughout the weekend, fantastic food will be heavily featured with a Feasts of Fall fete on Saturday and a Diner Divas Brunch planned for Sunday. Get ready for some mouthwatering dishes being dished by mouthwatering babes in delicious drag.

Remembering the dead is part of the core essence of Halloween, going back to the Celtic holiday of Samhain and before. Grief can be a transformative force in life, for good and bad, so we create space to channel our grief for our lost loved ones in a positive direction. Throughout the gathering we will hold rituals, some short, some more elaborate, to honor our beloved dead and what we have lost this year. These will include building an ancestors’ altar in the dining hall, so please bring sacred objects to add to this collaborative commemoration.

Registration includes all activities, food, and lodging – plus, there are plentiful scholarship spots for those who need them. Don’t let money be a barrier. We also have a carpool page setup to ease group rides – please post open seats if you have them. And, if you have ideas for activities or want to be involved with some of the interactive stations at the wicked delights lounge just e-mail us!

Apply for a scholarship here if you can’t afford the registration fee.

***You must be 18 years or older to attend Groundswell events***

Only ADA-defined service animals allowed. Please make other arrangements for your pets.