Beltane 2016: Elemental Empowerment

April 28th through May 2nd 2016

***Beltane 2016’s registration is currently full. To get on the waitlist, please fill out this form. Thank you!***

What elements of your life lift you up? What pieces are helping you reach your power and potential? What aspects of your self actually serve you? Are you ready to embrace them? To dance with them each and every day?

This Beltane we invite you to join us in casting a spell of elemental empowerment for our selves and our communities. We will work deep and play deep to reveal those things that are holding us back and we will set them on fire. We will celebrate and heal together so that we find the seeds of potential in all of us and we will plant them. And, in the end, we will bind our selves together with love and intention. All those who identify as queer are welcome to join the festivities.


This year’s Beltane falls on a Sunday. On that day we will connect with each other and the world around us through a ritual traversing the elements of queer experience and the elements of nature. We will plant our intentions for the year to come. Saturday night, Witch’s night, which we are renaming to Flaming Witch, will be a night of performance and revelry. We will set on fire what we need to let go, the maypole from last year, and the audience with all those fierce performers.

Saturday afternoon and evening will be our creekside tea party. Make sure to bring appropriate gowns and hats. Friday evening will be a campfire jamboree, open to all musicians and ending with a drum circle. Of course there will also be heart circles, skill shares, group projects, hiking, swimming, and whatever else people would like to bring. We will be putting together a schedule ahead of time, so let us know if you would like to offer an activity! Just e-mail us at and tell us about it.

Like all our gatherings, we expect everybody who comes to really participate and help co-create the event. What might you have to offer the community? There are ample opportunities to help out cooking, running activities, greeting people, cleaning, or even just entertaining. And remember: random gifting is fun for everybody!

Registration is limited to 120 so please make sure and register as soon as you are able. Note that you can register and choose to pay at the gathering through our system – just choose check as your means of payment. Registration includes three hot meals a day, cabin lodging for the first 70 who want it, and all the rest of the gathering and land (~180 acres). As always, it is sliding scale and NOTAFLOF (No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds). If you cannot afford the gathering and want to arrange a work trade or scholarship you can apply for them using this form.

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As the gathering gets closer and some of the other activities are certain we will put more information out here and on the facebook page. Don’t hesitate to e-mail if you have any questions.

Photography by Kegan Marling