Forth Queerly: Full Fantasy


Friday July 1st – Monday July 4th

***Forth Queerly’s 2016 registration is currently full. To get on the waitlist, please fill out this form. Thank you!***

If you are registering for multiple people, PLEASE make sure to give their name(s) and e-mail(s) as well as yours. It’s very important for us to get registration information out to every one. 

Dive into Groundswell's PondDreams and fantasies can be the basis of reality – at least at the best of times. What happens when the extravagant and inspired dreams of the queer communities come to fruition in a woodland paradise? What are the new fantasies that will then inspire us forth, queerly? We invite you to find out with a weekend of reveling in and with your community at Groundswell.

A pond full of naked, bathing beauties; meadows laden with wildflowers and wild queerdos; drag queens hiking through the creek in only their wigs. The summer will be in full bloom – the perfect time to relax and rejuvenate in nature, surrounded by friends and chosen family. In full fantasy force will be picnics at the pond, creek-side concerts, nourishing feasts, and playful parties. And what other fantasies might you bring?

Nighttime fantasies at GroundswellThe queer fantasies we create together propel us and the world forward. These fantasies are as linked to the past as they are to the future. Let’s celebrate the fantasies of the past that gave birth to the present. Who were those revolutionaries and what were their dreams? How do they shape us into this present and beyond? We will be exploring these questions as we re-energize for that future.

They say fantasies are ungrounded visions. Yet they continue to be realized each day, shaping the future of our world. Let’s create that fantasy of true community, one where we all celebrate and sustain each other. Let’s have our fantasies move us forth, queerly.

Registration for Forth Queerly includes delicious, nutritious meals each day, lodging (cabin space for the first 70 who want it and tenting for the rest), all the program, and access to Groundswell’s 180-acre California paradise. Registration is sliding scale with work trade and scholarship options – as with all our gatherings we want to be as accessible as possible. If you cannot afford the gathering and want to arrange a work trade or scholarship you can apply for them using this form. If you can give more, please do, as it helps us continue to grow and improve the land.

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