Get Cultured: Cheese & Kimchis

Get Cultured!

April 22 – 24, 2016


get-cultured food fermentation workshop goat chevre

It’s time to come out to Groundswell and Get Cultured! Join us for our first in a series of weekend workshops – a program that teams up learning about food fermentation with fabulous queer performances in the woods.

Fermentation is a powerful process that has enriched our diets and health for millennia. At each Get Cultured weekend we will experience different fermented foods through hands-on learning during the day. Yep, that means you’ll be crafting it yourself and then taking home some of your creation. This first weekend will be focused on making cheese and kimchi.

Blackberri folk singer at Get Cultured food fermentation workshopThen, at night we are bringing you the legendary queer folk singer Blackberri. Performing for over four decades, Blackberri is a supremely talented singer-songwriter who gives you all the soul and sass you could hope for. There will be a teaser performance on Friday night and then a main performance around the campfire on Saturday night.

Groundswell’s retreat center and ecovillage partnership make it the perfect space to come and truly understand your food in a new, more connected way. You will meet the goats who gave the milk for your chevre-making and get to see what their lives are like. You can even learn how goats are milked. And, they like to go for hikes, so expect one of our Groundswell goat tours on Saturday. We will also be learning about the ease of making kimchis, a korean vegetable ferment. Everybody will get to go home with their own custom chevre and kimchi to show off.

So, if you love food and live music (and who doesn’t?) then come out and join us under the redwoods for an unforgettable and informative weekend. And remember, this is just the start of this series. Expect many more to come.

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About Our Featured Performer: Blackberri

blackberri folk singer at get cultured food fermentation worrkshopBlackberri is an American Treasure. Some of his recordings are part of the Smithsonian National Folkways Recordings.library. He is a Songstylist/Songmaker, poet,writer, photographer, health educator and community advocate. Born in 1945 in Buffalo,NY. Blackberri grew up in Baltimore. He’s written and performed for films including Word is Out, and Looking for Langston, as well as recording the soundtrack for the Haight-Ashbury Radio Collective’s History of SF “Knowing at the Gateway of Gold” which aired on KPFA. This pioneer appeared on the first anthology on Men’s Music “Wall to Roses:songs of changing men, and Gay Men’s Music Strong Love song of gay liberation 1972-1981. His first album Blackberri and Friends “Finally”came out in ’81 and featured his classic”Eat the Rich”. Blackberri has performed music and acted in Marlon Rigg’s film Tongues Untied as well as No Regrets,Anthem, Affirmations, and Black is Black ain’t.  He has tour Internationally and has made many radio and TV appearances. This has made him one of the most visible black queer artivist in the country and now lives in Oakland.


Limited Work Trade / Scholarship Opportunities

Due to the nature of this program we can only offer a handful of work trade and scholarship opportunities. If you are interested in attending and cannot afford the registration fee, you can apply for discounted/free registration here.