Lavender Call for Presenters

Lavender: Queer Leadership Retreat

November 18th – 21st 2016

Groundswell Community & Institute

Yorkville, CA (2 hours north of bay area)


Soft deadline for workshop/presentation proposals is October 28th 2016


Groundswell, a queer retreat center and ecovillage, is proud to announce Lavender, a queer leadership retreat, a weekend of rejuvenation and inspiration for queer leaders of all kinds and all levels of experience. It’s a time to relax in nature with your peers, learn some skills, and create relationships with others who are building stronger queer communities. It’s a moment to step back from your busy life to look at where you have been and where you want to go.


We are hoping to have a wide range of community movers and shakers to present workshops, dialogues, and demonstrations. Anyone with interest an interest in activism or community building around LGBTQ issues is invited to participate. We all have a lot to teach each other, and sometimes formalized workshops or presentations are the way to go. But sometimes more unconventional teaching methods are called for. We encourage people to be creative in the matter and manner of these presentations – there are a lot of aspects to queer leadership.


Some possible topics/activities include (but surely aren’t limited to):


  • Meditations on self-empowerment
  • Creating community coalitions
  • Understanding and respecting intersectionality
  • Civil disobedience tactics
  • Using social media to further your action/movement
  • Team-building games
  • examinations of race, class, gender, or…
  • panels on community organizing


If you are interested in being a presenter and have a workshop/presentation/activity in mind, please fill out this form. You will hear back from us soon after submission.

If you have more questions or get involved in other ways, please contact:

Kevin “Faire” Faircloth

Program Coordinator

707-901-7059 x101


About Groundswell Community & Institute

The Groundswell Community & Institute includes an ecovillage of permanent residents committed to loving the land and its inhabitants as well as a retreat center with focuses on environmental education and queer consciousness. Groundswell aims to model a more sustainable way of living through heart-centered connection, self-reliance, conscientious land stewardship, creativity, celebration of queer spirit, sex and intimacy, and interdependence with the larger world.