MUSE: Inspire

MUSE: Inspire 2016 Queer Creative Retreat

Art by Felix d’Eon |

Thursday March 3rd to Sunday March 6th 2016

For millennia, queers have been the artists. muses, and inspirations for cultural change. We ride catalytic creative forces into the default world, changing the bland into the beautiful. We pioneer past the edges of culture, transforming the boundaries of the mainstream. We are mirrors and outsiders, reflecting and revealing the world around us to itself through our difference and sameness. And now, more than ever, we have the ability to explore these roles, these identities, these powers and to inspire.

MUSE is a one-of-a-kind retreat for queer creatives of all KeganMarling_7337types. No matter what your art or skill level you are welcome. Days consist of skillshares and workshops alongside shared group activities and free time for work on solo projects or play. At night, we eat like queens, revel in our artistry, and celebrate the creative spirit. Set in a transformative natural setting, MUSE is a perfect opportunity to spark new ideas, work on a long-term project, or just connect with other passionate, artsy queers.

The theme for this year’s MUSE is Inspire. What gets you all artistically hot and bothered? Who helped inspire your queer artistry? Where do you go to seek inspiration? There will be activities scheduled throughout the retreat to explore these questions and the myriad others that are sure to arise.

Suggested donation is $130 – $200, which includes three scrumptious (mostly organic) meals per day, lodging in one of our cabins (twin-sized bunk beds), and all programming. We have a lot of work trade and scholarship options available, so please email us if that’s of interest to you, don’t let your economics be a barrier to access.

There are lots more details below, about the schedule, different programs, the facilities, and scholarships. Make sure and check them out. Also, we are still looking for presenters, so if you are interested in holding a workshop at MUSE: Inspire read the full presenter call here.

The MUSE calls to you…

He wants to make love to your heart in the woods. She wants to get you hot performing at the firepit. They want to inspire your passions and your stories beneath the redwoods and the stars. Will you answer the MUSE’s call? It is a call to action and participation. Coming to this retreat, don’t expect to just sit back and absorb. You will be asked to co-create the magick. This may mean leading a workshop, cooking up some nourishment, or sharing your art at the show or salon. Think about your contributions.

Schedule, Show & Salon!

Our schedule will be developing as the retreat advances. Stay tuned for those updates.

In the meanwhile, there are two fantabulosa events you should know and plan for. These are the Queeriosities Cabaret and the Gertrude & Oscar Art Salon. The cabaret takes place Friday evening and is an open variety show for all to showcase their performative talents. To perform contact Mike at Then Saturday night is the Gertrude & Oscar Art Salon, for visual artists to display their art. The Salon will also include a fashion walk-off component. To show your art or walk your fashion at the Salon contact Dee at

Photography by Kegan Marling