Queer It Yourself


Friday August 12th to Monday August 15th

Calling all queer creators! That means crafters, artisans, designers, builders, gardeners, and creators of all types!  You might not even think of yourself as a creator, but you probably are.  And we want you to join us!

KeganMarling_6514Come one and all to the first ever Queer It Yourself, a celebration and exploration of the insatiable queer creative spirit! Let’s join together under the redwoods for a weekend of co-creation and co-inspiration, of revelry and rejuvenation, and of showing off all the fabulous things we love to create year-round.

Queer It Yourself is similar to our queer creatives retreat, Muse, but with a focus on queer creativity and craftiness that goes beyond what many consider art. Of course, we know there is art in everything, and so there is a natural sharing between the two programs. At this event we aim to have workshops, games, and collaborative projects that focus on passions like: natural building, herbal potions, woodcarving, wildcrafting, LED light sculptures, and beer brewing, to name a scant few of the possibilities.

KeganMarling_2528We want you to help us build this event. Teach a skillshare, lead a group project, or even just share your own talents with the community. Consider what you could add and then let us know by e-mail.

There will also be a large-scale collaborative sculptural project. Together, we will build a statue in the woods, made of natural materials and inspired by shared vision. Rather than destroying this sculpture at the end of the event we will let it stand and decay. Eventually we hope to create a series of decomposing works of art in the woods – testaments to the beauty of group creative power and the natural world.

KeganMarling_160116_5898Queer It Yourself will also be a time for exploration of our shared creative spirit and how we create cultural change. Every time we create and share our creations we are changing the culture, queering it ourselves. We will have guided discussions around these topics throughout the weekend. We will also have unguided ones as we relax in the sun or in the pond.

*** Groundswell events are only open to adults. You must be over 18 to attend***


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Registrations includes all programming, three delicious hot meals a day, and lodging in one of our cabins or a campsite. Cabins are open to the first 70 people who request them – you must bring your own bedding. Work trade and scholarship options are available for those who can’t afford regular registration.

More details about the schedule will be revealed as we get closer. If you want to be a part of creating this gathering please e-mail us to get involved. Keep on queering it!

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Art by Felix D’Eon

Queer It Yourself 2016 Schedule


Open crafting time   3 – 7 pm

Dinner   7 – 8 pm

Campfire crafting    9 – 11pm

Hike to grandfather cedar for meteor shower viewing    11 pm


Breakfast   8 – 9 am

Workshop slot 1   9:30  – 11 am

~ Quintessential Quilting with Snowflake and Morocco

~ Pleasure of Pickling with Jes and Grace

Workshop slot 2   11:15 am – 1 pm

~ Subversive Crocheting with Jacob

~ Altar’d Box Building with Rik Lee

Lunch break   1 – 2 pm

Materials gathering and scout of sculpture site   2 – 3pm

Workshop slot 3   3:30 – 6pm

~ Herbal Tinctures with Mitcho and Jes

~ Whittling and Giggling with Graham

Dinner   7 – 8pm

Fashion fierce-off and dance party   9 pm – ???


Breakfast  8:30 – 9:30 am

Workshop slot 4   10 am – 12 pm

~ Crafting and Anticapitalism with Seth

~ Stitch & Bitch with Dam Dyke

Group sculpture project all hands 12 pm – ???

Lunch   1 – 2 pm

More sculpture time   after lunch

Pond/creek party   once sculpture sculpture completed

Dinner   7 – 8 pm