TRANScend Presenters 2019

Below is a list of our workshops for Transcend 2019 along with bios for the presenters. 

Feel and Be Free: Healing Through Creative Writing

Briyana D. Clarel (they/them) 

Briyana is a Black queer writer, performer, and educator passionate about musical theatre, mangoes, and memoirs. They are the founder of The Starfruit Project, an initiative supporting radical healing and brilliant growth through creativity. They love blueberry pancakes, colorful combat boots, and dancing even when people want them to be still.


The Alpha Sisterhood (The First Sisters)


Khilynn E. Fowler (she/her)

Born ,raised and educated in Alabama Khilynn was the first African American Transgender Woman to graduate from Alabama A&M in Marketing. Khilynn is a Health Link Navigator for APEB In Oakland California, and helped structure a transgender clinic within the  agency that provides affirmation services to the transgender community. 

Mo’Nique “Duchess Monroe” Campbell  (she/her)

Mo’Nique is a future Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a dedicated advocate for Trans Rights. She is also an up & coming Beauty Influencer/Makeup Artist. Her vision is to be the first Black-Trans Beauty Guru and open the door for other women who aspire for the same to follow shortly behind her. 

The Joy of Painting

Baba Roxx (they/them, she/her)

Baba is a brown bearded femme who gets free by painting and wants to share their joy with you. She is available for hire and commissions, and treats her labor as a form of reparations.

Building Across Cultures and Competency

Anjali Rimi (she/her, they/them)

Anjali thrives in community showing up as a leader driving accountability for trans justice. Keeping connected to her South Asian roots, she co-founded Parivar, Bay Area’s TGNC centered queer social collective and working closely with Aravani Art Project, a trans artist art project based in Bangalore, India. With a MBA, Anjali has worked as a retail executive over the last 15 years. Anjali has embraced her transgender journey with confidence and authenticity. From India thru Canada, Anjali now lives in Oakland. She strives to change the narrative of trans people of color as competent and responsible individuals who can hold jobs, relationships and thriving lives.

The BOI DOC Screening

Evolve Benton (they/them, or my name)

Evolve Benton is a black queer filmmaker, diversity and equity educator, motivational speaker, podcast host and writer. Learn more about their work at

Check out their wellness podcast BOI Meets Wellness at 

Radical Accessible Easy Self Care: Body, Mind, Spirit

Tupili Lea Arellano (they/them)

Two Spirit Urban Medicines, Tupili, creative, Indigenous Elder, dancing, bliss pusher! Whistle blower of life revealing, healing sacred medicine, secrets to decolonize queer minds and bodies! Divine Feminine Divine Masculine in one glorious package. Ase’ y Aho’!


How To Take Care of Each Other

Abeni Jones (she/her)

Abeni is a trans woman of color writer, artist, and educator based in the Bay Area, CA.