Work Parties

About once a month, Groundswell Institute invites those who wish to contribute to join in on a work party. These volunteer days provide opportunities to help build and maintain Groundswell’s land and facilities. They are a perfect time to get to know the Groundswell community and environment better, as typical attendance is between 5 and 20 people. We provide lodging in cabins, nourishing food, and access to our hot tub in exchange for 5-6 hours of volunteer work each day. We try and keep the kind of work varied so that there is always something suitable for each person’s ability and experience levels.

To come to a work party all you need to do is e-mail us and let us know you want to join in. Most of the time, we hold these on weekends, though occasionally we have one mid-week. Just check our schedule to find out when the next one is. Look forward to working alongside you.

***We do ask $15/day to help with costs of food and utilities of work parties. It’s fine if you can’t afford this – just let us know.***