Workshop Block 1

Samantha Jo-Dato: Financial Freedom for Trans Folks

Black people are facing the highest risk of being stuck in poverty and generational privation. Current records show that 62 percent of Black communities stay in poverty more than non-black folks. Now couple that with being trans / GNC on either end of the gender spectrum or anywhere in-between. The hardships that the Trans community faces have many intersectionalities and are very different all at the same time, but one of the most underline issues has been lack of knowledge. Racial and economic justice must require an intersectional approach and sensitivity to race and class, understanding historical and present systems of oppression. Black and POC Transgender people living in poverty inadequate health care; housing and, support.

Samantha Jo serves as a catalyst for change for over 20 years. Work is rooted in leveraging access and cultivate tools for all oppressed people, while working towards collective liberation for all. Sami Jo’s proven track record of problem solving, fostering healthy relationships, networking, and swift decision-making skills has made her a logistical mastermind along with a Best Selling Author of “Shattered Perfect 1.0 a Testimonial Journal”

Socorro “Cori” Moreland-No Means No: Reclaiming Our Time Within Activism and Advocacy

No Means No is centered around being able to say no and step away from activism, advocacy and community centered events and people when needed to. This workshop will empower people to become more assertive when it involves their time and energy. This workshop will explore the warning signs around burnout, tokenism, trans-misogyny, misogyny and how to navigate around toxic popular opinion leaders within community spaces.

Socorro has been involved in LGBT and HIV/AIDS advocacy for over a decade. He currently is the Founder and CEO of #brotherhood, which empowers black trans-masculine people to access community resources and connect with one another via social media and through creative outlets.

Ira X Armstrong-Into to Anti-Racism 101: Allies to Accomplices

(for white folks and non-Black people of color)

This course is for white folks and Non-Black POC who want practices to unlearn the myth of white supremacy for themselves, and want to learn to build a life and way of being in the world that is predicated upon a joy-filled anti-racism practice. This course is specifically for trans and queer folks who are used as a wedge to maintain status quo, to help them build resilience and expand their anti-racist lens and resilience. For all levels.

Ira: (They/Them), FKA Nanci Ira Armstrong-Temple, is a Witch Doctor, Freedom Fighter and Professional Coach. They have been teaching Anti-racist and anti-oppression techniques through a queer lens to white and non-Black people of color for over 20 years, and have recently established an Anti-Racist Online University.  

Anjali Rimi K- Overcoming COVID: Trans Resilience 
Sharing tools and resources to navigate COVID isolation, recovery and sustaining livelihood. It is a story telling approach of personal experience coupled with coping mechanisms.

Keeping connected to her Indian Asian roots, Anjali Rimi co-founded and serves as the President for Parivar Bay Area. Rimi serves on boards for The LGBT Asylum Project, East Bay Stonewall Democrats and San Francisco Pride. She holds an MBA and has been in Corporate America for over 20 years. She is an effective facilitator and a consultant with DiversityJourneys holding workshops across many inclusion topics.