Healing Block 1

 Kin Folkz-Altar-ed States of Mind: Sacred Spaces in Uncommon Places
If you could tap into the power within everyday objects, circumstances, and surroundings to focus on your achieving your dreams; to manifest healing; and to create more meaning in your life – wouldn’t you? If the seemingly mundane aspects in your life could move you to accomplish incredible feats – would you leap at the opportunity?
This workshop will inspire you to decode the hidden in plain view world of uncommon talismans and altars by tapping into your spirit wit (our subconscious). Using whimsical wisdom, playful prudence, dream energy, and lots of healthy laughter – we will reveal our personal definitions of sacred space and learn to recognize, revel in & draw upon the healing aspects of our altar-ed states of mind.

Participants will leave with their own personal list of healing altar items and a vision/plan for the altar that the items will inhabit.

Kin Folkz an Oakland Pride founding board member, created the Annual People’s Oakland Pride Creative Arts & Film Fest, the People’s Oakland Pride Run, Ball, and Wellness Expo, the QT Art Crawl and founded The Queer Arts Center – a brick + mortar space in February 2020.

Mai Lord: Self Care Through Poetry and Activism

Self Care is a very important tool to use to calm down, take a break, or get moving. Many people take care of themselves by journaling, writing poetry, and taking time for yourself; this workshop also looks at the ways activism can be self care. Yet activism can also bring you to frustration, exhaustion, and stress. This workshop discusses the fine line between self-care through writing and activism, and overworking yourself or making your mental health worse through these actions. Self Care Through Poetry and Activism walks through that line, and we will be having an open discussion at the beginning about how individuals take care of themselves by writing and protesting, and how individuals take care of themselves despite writing and protesting. We will have several questions that prompt writing about self care and activism. We will have writing prompts about activism, that begin the process of self recognition, and your appreciation for your body and its needs. Come join us to learn more about activism and creative writing as forms of self care and self expression, while balancing stress!

Mai Lord is a Massachusetts based slam poet and spoken word artist that uses they/them pronouns and works through poetry to heal themselves and others. They are a student activist for Black lives and climate change among other things. Mai organizes specifically with the Freedom Fighters Coalition. Mai Lord has a forthcoming piece in an anthology through Grubstreet, and has a book in the works!

Bonnie Violet-Lacing Your Narrative with a Spiritual Thread

The goal of this opportunity is for you to see and or lace a spiritual thread in your narrative. Spirituality as you define it, this will be a space where all spiritual understandings and beliefs are welcome. We will recall your origins and experience with spirituality as a child throughout your life into today. We will explore and identify the where, when and how you see spirituality at play? Were there times when you didn’t see anything spiritual at play? Were you ever unable to access it? When did you feel your spirituality at play and how did that feel? And more. For those who are comfortable you will have an opportunity to speak your narrative with a spiritual thread. You will hear and witness others sharing their spiritual narratives.

Bonnie is a trans, queer, drag queen, rape survivor, and person living with HIV in recovery from addiction. “Spirituality is what lifts me into who I am. From my earrings, to my tattoos, to my effeminate way and masculine moments.” “Working toward bringing all of who I am, wherever I am, even if I am still a little afraid.” I hold space for death and dying to self. My desire is to make individual spiritual connections accessible to those who have previously felt, been told or were denied access.