Healing Block 3

B. and g.- Conjuring the Queer Ancestors Within Us

Note: please bring a memento that holds significance to who you are, where you came from, and/or what you wanna be/see!

In this interactive workshop, we invite you to draw spiritual energy from a memento of your choice to co-create visions for a Future Queer Utopia that includes us all. We will guide a meditation on our Past and Present selves, granting us passage into a writing workshop that will address our Future Ancestors. To conjure these ancestors, we will draw on our earlier imaginings of different timelines to describe a self that has achieved personal healing.  We will speak these selves into existence through a group share, manifesting them into our current lives by creating sigils on a communal virtual vision board. We will close with shared reflections, learnings, and appreciations for the vulnerability we have inhabited with one another. 

B is a Quechua genderqueer/quariwarmi artist with a flair for dance, brujeria, and community healing. An avid writer, they spend much of their free time envisioning indigenized queer futurities through poetry.

g is a differently-abled, divergently-loving Korean-American artist-activist + scholar-sadomasochist + Reverend-/doctor-in-training. Based in the Bay Area, he’s taught classes and workshops, such as: Rest for Resistance, “Trauma, Healing, & Empowerment,” “Transforming Self & Systems,” etc. Harnessing lessons on collaborative climactic consent and boundarywork picked up from side hustles as an intimacy labourer and kink alchemist, their healing praxis often involves facing&befriending fears, having&making fun, and sublimating shames into superpowers. 

Fresh “Lev” White- Compassion

In this workshop I will talk about how offering compassion for ourselves and others allows us more space to be creative and sustainable in our daily lives. With compassion we can take more risks, expand our creativity and connect better with which in itself, can also offer healing. 

Fresh “Lev” White is a love and compassionate activist. He offers mindfulness, coaching, mediation, and diversity trainings as tools for shifting towards more authentic, conscious and passionate living. He teaches and writes about how love and self-compassion are the ultimate gateways to loving and understanding others; thus, healing our communities, and planet.

Tina Valentin Aguirre and team-Arts as a Pathway Toward Healing

Tina Valentin Aguirre (genderqueer, they/them pronouns) makes movies, writes poetry and prose, and produces art shows and artistic performances. Tina holds a BA in Communication from Stanford University, has worked in grantwriting for decades, serves as Chair of the Board of Directors for the GLBT Historical Society, and works as the District Manager of the Castro LGBTQ Cultural District. Movies include a 30 minute documentary made with Augie Robles, ¡Viva 16! (1994, english/spanish) to mark the loss and struggles of the queer Latinx community in San Francisco. In 2019, selections of Tina’s poetry were published (Still Here San Francisco Anthology, Foglifter Press). Tina produced a multimedia night of performances (¡Aplauso!) and curated the Chosen Familias exhibition on LGBTQ Latinx family photo albums (June 7-October 20, 2019) at the GLBT Historical Society Museum. The Juana opera (composed by Carla Lucero) that Tina produced in 2007 was given a full production at UCLA in November 2019.

Juli Delgado Lopera is an award-winning Colombian writer, historian, speaker and storyteller based in San Francisco. They’re the author of The New York Times acclaimed novel Fiebre Tropical, out March 2020 from The Feminist Press. Juli is also the author of Quiéreme (Nomadic Press 2017) and ¡Cuéntamelo! (Aunt Lute 2017) an illustrated bilingual collection of oral histories by LGBT Latinx immigrants which won a 2018 Lambda Literary Award and a 2018 Independent Publisher Book Award. Juli’s received awarded fellowships and residencies from Hedgebrook, Headlands Center for The Arts, Brush Creek Foundation of the Arts, Lambda Literary Foundation, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and The SF Grotto. Their work has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and has appeared in Teen Vogue, McSweeney’s, The Rumpus, The White Review, LALT, Four Way Review, Broadly, TimeOut Mag to name a few. They are the former executive director of RADAR Productions a queer literary non-profit in San Francisco.

Sen Mendez also known as Queen Sen Sen is a non-binary fat artist born and raised in Oakland, California. Queen Sen Sen creates images of historical ancestors, celebrations of large bodies and visual storytelling as a way to dismantle systematic oppression among Indigenous, Black, Fat and Transgender bodies. Queen Sen Sen have provided visual workshops for organizations such as Wellness in Action, Peacock Rebellion and large companies such as Facebook. You can find Queen Sen Sen’s online store atartbyqueensensen.bigcartel.com and Instagram page atwww.instagram.com/Sencreatesart.

Beni Avalos is a queer chicanx performance artist and poet from Los Angeles. They attended CSU East Bay and have collaborated with organizations such as Queer Ancestors Project, Queer Rebels, and the ACLU. Beni is passionate about creating art that aims to foster community, and conjure healing, all while engaging the senses and soul. They use art to document history, and imagine the future!

Mason J. is an Artist, Historian/Griot, and Community Organizer, inspired by life as a born raised and displaced Black & Native San Francisco Local, Queer Two-Spirit, and Land Use advocate. After receiving the inaugural SFPL James C. Hormel Center Fellowship from 2017-2019, they did historical preservation research with Bay Area and international institutions to ensure local LGBTQ History is documented; they currently serve as Program Manager for RADAR Productions and are releasing their chapbook “Crossbones on My Life” with Nomadic Press in January 2021.