Krizia’s Bio

Name: Krizia Puig 
Bio: Krizia is a trans disabled queer migrant theorist/artivist born in Venezuela, who is a current Phd. student in Feminist Studies at UC Santa Cruz. Krizia has centered on studying the challenges and potentialities that high-end sexual technologies hold for queer liberation. Their current research integrates high-tech, performance art, animal biology, trauma studies, magic realism(s), and Latin American espiritismo to theorize/experiment with future notions of love, healing, freedom, and revolution.
Workshop: The Love(s) We Long For: Radical Vulnerability, Trans Crip Magic, and Cosmic-Self Care
We must conceptualize forms of relationality able to exist beyond individualistic ideas of fulfillment, and Eurocentric notions of surveillance/private property, for us to safely explore the healing potential of practicing love in a radically vulnerable manner.
Why do we set borders between the ways we love each other? Why do we set hierarchies among different “Formas de Querernos” ? As QTPOC, what are the loves we long for? How is the care we need? We will think about the ways we love today, the ways we have loved, and the ways we long to love and be loved.
Centering the experiences, needs, and fantasies of disabled folks, we will explore, imagine, and re-member alternatives ways to connect with ourselves and with everything that surround us. While learning/sharing concrete rituals to tap into our Trans Crip Magic, and departing from the work of queer of color feminist theorist and artist, we will follow a format that equally values our thought and feelings as sources of knowledges to discover and invoke self, social, and cosmic transformation.