Mo’Nique “Duchess Monroe” Campbell’s Bio

Name: Mo’Nique “Duchess Monroe” Campbell

Mo’Nique “Duchess Monroe” Campbell

Preferred Pronouns: she/her/hers

I’m a Trans African American married woman who has personal and professional experience dealing with Mental Health. Both working in the field as a Mental Health Counseling Supervisor and over 20 years of personal Mental Health issues, I have vast experience on how society can worsen a person who has a mental health condition and what coping skills can be used to rectify the situation. Im also an  Entrepreneur. Business woman. Modern day hustler. All things glam, I am!


“You are Royalty”

A workshop to shed light on how day-to-day a person dealing with mental health can be easily triggered and what they can do from the inside out to one day looking in the mirror and gather the strength they need to face life head on. This workshop will be a hands on group participation activity that will keep everyone uplifted and informed on noticing when your triggered and what to do before things get out of hand. It will entail a portion of finding the resources you need to be the ideal you, creating them when you don’t know where to search, and motivating the audience to understand that they are Royalty.

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