TRANScend Presenter Call

TRANScend: A Retreat for Trans and Genderqueer Folks

Theme: Becoming a Beloved Community

October 18th– 20th 2019

Saratoga Springs

Upper Lake, CA (2.5 hours north of SF bay area)

DEADLINE for workshop proposals is:

September 2nd  2019

TRANScend is a retreat for trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary, two-spirit, agender, and genderqueer people to build community with one another by deepening our ability to self-organize, create paths of resilience, redefine resistance, heal, socialize and develop our social justice movements. 

We are currently hiring paid retreat presenters, from within these communities, to teach workshops on our 2019 theme, “Becoming a Beloved Community”.

TRANScend is looking for workshops geared towards creating national solidarity, community building, and community care. In your proposal please tell us how you do what you do, describe outcomes you expect attendees to gain from participating in your workshop, list any materials that you would need TRANScend to provide, and share any relevant links to your work. Workshops should be interactive and geared towards community building or strategy sessions.

We are especially looking for BIPOC-centered and/or led workshops and capable, experienced trainer(s) for a white anti-racism training. TRANScend has been awarded grants from multiple organizations so that we can pay each presenter a $300 stipend for their 90-minute workshop. As a presenter you will also receive a complimentary ticket to the gathering, which includes all food and a shared cabin space for the weekend. This year TRANScend has limited funds for presenter travel – there is also plenty of carpooling as well as a chartered bus to this event from the SF Bay Area (limited space available).

  • Self Care
  • Community Care
  • Active Listening/Non Defensive Listening Skills
  • Resource Sharing (how do we intentionally share resources with each other) 
  • Community Building 
  • Building a National Coalition (TRANScend is looking to find ways to build a national coalition and stay connected)
  • Anti-Racism 
  • Healing (Dance, Drumming, Herbal Medicine, and other modalities)
  • Healing as Justice
  • Allyship/Accompliceship 
  • Honoring History/Herstory/ Theirstory/Transtory (a way to incorporate our living elders and our Ancestors.)
  • Direct Action Training Nonviolence as a Strategy
  • Navigating the Healthcare System
  • Knowing Your Rights
  • Using the Arts as a Tool for Social Justice 
  • Addressing Domestic Violence 
  • Mental Health in Our community
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Addressing Stigma/Transphobia/Gender Binarism/Cis-Sexism 

If you are interested in being a presenter, please complete this short form:

TRANScend Workshop Proposals

If you have more questions or would like to participate in other ways, please contact the organizers at:

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