Roman’s Bio

Name: Roman Flintroy

Bio: A Bay Area native that grew up in Berkeley and Oakland. Growing up in Berkeley cultivated awareness of social justice while  Oakland cultivated culture and community. Now a Social Worker that invokes change and supports wellness within Black LGBTQ communities and beyond.

Workshop: Looming Ideas – Deconstructing Unhealthy Thinking and Identifying Replacement Thinking

This exercise and intervention addresses the ruminating thought process of unhealthy thinking, behaviors, and ways to replace them. After all we think as we feel and do as we think. This is a strength and coping skills building model for African Americans and other groups of color that are affected by colonization and oppression.

Looming ideas is an intervention that has taken points of both CBT and Mindfulness to identify thoughts that hinder productivity , self care, and overcoming.

Activities include opening with mindfulness meditation and throughout the exercise participants will be asked to write down private unhealthy thoughts that they see as hindrances. Each thought will prompt participant to identify ways they coped or conquered challenges in the past and ways to implement those skills today.

By the end of the workshop participants will have identified goals, objectives, and possible outcomes. Participants will also have been psycho-educated about fixation, replacing thoughts, harm reduction, and mindfulness.