Sade’s Bio

Name: Sade Gryffin 
Bio: Sade is a GQ/trans, Integrated Psychic Practitioner. Born and raised in Wales in the UK, I now call California my home. Through a unique combination of ancestral psychic lineage, intensive clairvoyant training and 30 years experience in the healing arts; I bring a bold and pragmatic approach to my practice, steeped in my Welsh and Irish Celtic heritage.

Workshop: Creating and Charging Amulets

It’s time to get your Hogwarts on! Amulets are little containers of magic intention, created in sacred space and charged in ritual. You can use them for protection, attracting positive energy, or for daily use navigating the world. As a psychic practitioner and teacher, who was born and raised in Wales/UK, I use my Celtic ancestry as the basis for my ritual and magic work.

In this workshop you will learn:
• Powerful grounding techniques, using intuitive energy healing meditation, for manifesting your desires.
• How to create sacred space to fashion your own personal container of magick, aka your Amulet. There will be charms, crystals, herbs and natural materials available, along with anything you wish to bring.
• How to charge your Amulet
• The fundamentals of creating group ritual, which you can use to create your own personal at home rituals.

This workshop is for all levels.
Each person can participate at a level they feel comfortable at physically, emotionally and energetically.

IG: @sade_gryffin