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TRANScend: A Retreat for Trans and Genderqueer Folks *VIRTUAL*

Theme: “Healing During A Pandemic”

Saturday November 21st to Sunday November 22nd 2020

Beautiful friends, TRANScend invites you to our fourth year of creating majick together as trans and genderqueer folks.  2020 has been quite the year, and I don’t think anyone expected it to go down like this. However, TRANScend has not let this stop us from organizing.  Our annual retreat this year will be taking place VIRTUALLY on Zoom, November 21st and 22nd. Our theme this year will be, “Healing During A Pandemic”, because what better theme to facilitate care strategies, collective healing, and organizing during this year’s retreat!!!

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*Sliding scale tickets from $25-$100, NOTAFLOF. Free tickets for our BIPOC family.

*As always this retreat is for trans and genderqueer folks only, cisgender allies please donate to help keep this space free to anyone who needs access no matter their economics.

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TRANScend is an annual retreat designed for and by transgender and genderqueer folks. We build community with one another by deepening our ability to self-organize, create paths of resilience, redefine resistance, heal, socialize and further develop our social justice movements. Through workshops and rituals we empower each other by centering the needs of our community, which includes, focusing on mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health as pivotal aspects of strong leadership. We know that both self and community care are critical to our wellness; so there will be plenty of time to heal and relax virtually with friends.

Usually our retreat happens over three days at Saratoga Spring Resort, however due to COVID-19 restrictions we have decided to go VIRTUAL this year. We cannot let this pandemic stop us from one of our most integral programs. Especially as we continue to see, yet again, a rise is trans violence and the federal government’s war on trans bodies. TRANScend has decided that our approach to this violence includes: centering black trans women’s leadership, building national solidarity and collectively raising awareness. 

We have decided to go virtual this year to ensure the safety of all of our participants. This will be a full two-day retreat with workshops and healing opportunities on both days.

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We know that when trans and genderqueer folks come together we create majick, we shift narratives, and we make visible changes that have the ability to overthrow antiquated cis-tems. In this current administration it is important for us to find common purpose while appreciating our differences; it is in so doing that we can truly move forward in our quest for intersectional liberation.

Excited to see what in store for you this year at: 

TRANScend Retreat: “Healing During A Pandemic

Presenters and Healers 2020 

Check out our FB page to see the full line-up, schedule, and to keep up to date on the retreat and all future events.

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*Sliding scale tickets from $25-$100, NOTAFLOF. Free tickets for our BIPOC family.

*As always this retreat is for trans and genderqueer folks only, cisgender allies please donate to help keep this space free to anyone who needs access no matter their economics.

Happening this week!!!! Saturday the 21st to Sunday the 22nd 

Want to know more about the retreat? Check out the full listing of workshops and activities from last year!

Janelle and Spring at Creating Change 2020

We raise funds year-round for our scholarship program and presenter stipends, please consider donating and sharing to your networks! All funds directly supports TRANScend.

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In September, we did a vigil to honor Black Trans Lives who had been taken and to celebrate Black Trans leadership in our communities. 

TRANScend: Black Lives Matter *VIRTUAL* Vigil

Sunday September 20th at 1pm pst/4pm est 

TRANScend Retreat invites you to join us, VIRTUALLY, to honor the black trans folks we have lost this year and to honor black and brown trans folks in our communities who continue to fight for our liberation.

Due to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases here in Alameda Co. and abroad we had to postpone our action, BBQ’n while Black and Trans. TRANScend Retreat values the lives of our black trans siblings and cannot in good conscious produce an event that’s intention is to honor their lives while putting them at risk of contracting this virus.

It is also important to us that we do not let this stop us from organizing. This vigil is our compromise, we will still honor the lives of our trans siblings taken from us , and we will celebrate the lives of our black trans siblings here fighting for justice and liberation.

As part of this vigil we will be creating care packages to send to all who want to participate in the virtual vigil. Black Trans folks are our highest priority and will be the first to receive these offerings. As a result, we cannot commit that non-black trans folks will receive these care packages. We ask for your understanding and solidarity. You are still invited to join us and please continue to fill out the form below to receive the event link and important information. If you do not receive a care package we ask you to purchase your own candle, so you can still join in with us on this ritual.

These boxes will contain a variety of gifts/offerings for folks, there will be a candle with holder and a few other self care items. On the day of the vigil we will invite folks to join us VIRTUALLY, to read the names of our trans siblings, and to light the candles they received. Because this action is now virtual our hope is that this will expand beyond California and we can invite our trans siblings from all over to join us in this special honoring and celebration of life.

***The deadline to request a care package is August 30th at midnight pst.


Black Lives Matter Event Link

Check out our FB page to keep up to date on this action and all the future events.

We are currently raising fund to support this action. All funds will support care packages for black trans participants and directly supports TRANScend

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