Workshop Block 2

Xavier DavenportThe Masc’d identities: A space geared to focus on the experience of Masculine identities To highlight the erasure of Masculine people & To heal our hearts and minds from the preasures of the world and community with deep breathing and stretching

Xavier (He/Him) works for (Asian Health Services) as an Advocate for trans /non-binary communities & PLWH. Pyramid Kings – Xavier Davenport’s own upcoming organization focusing on trans masculine identities through Facebook Groups (which focuses on supporting Surgery needs and resources. “Brothas”a group offering support, resources, and a safe space every Thursday. This group is in collaboration with #Brotherhood – Founded by Socorro “Cori” Moreland who is my brother and great Leader within Trans Masc community. 

Mo’Nique Campbell-Manifest your Dreams: The workshop will give each participant a chance to decompress and detach from all the trauma experienced through the COVID-19 pandemic. This virtual vision board session will consist of a open forum where participants will be individually creating their own vision boards with the mindset to manifest every facet of that vision in the months that follow. 

Mo’Nique is a life Coach credentialed by life experience, a trained trauma informed counselor & current student with focus to become a Psychologist. I enjoy fostering spaces where love and joy is the focus and goal. I enjoy Makeup and I also make custom machine or hand sewn wigs. I co-own Beauty by the Crown ( a Beauty & Positivity Branding Company where we are “More than a Pretty Face.”

RuBri Jean: Set Fucking Boundaries: Sometimes growing up means recognizing that times have been stressful between you and another person because you had not grown enough. Well there is also a possibility that they were completely out of line and should have never tried you. Set f****** boundaries. I want to show people who are not given the choice who they interact with and opportunity to create space for themselves to speak their minds. Growth is possible in a relationship that may or may not be toxic and by giving my siblings the tools to stand in their truth and ask those around them to give them space and time when it’s necessary, hopefully we are safer and feel more loved. There are times when we want to reconcile but there are too many factors that were unprepared for and don’t know how to address, but there are ways to understand in small parts what can be done differently who needs priority, what a safe space actually is, when it is our time to vent and when it is our time to hold space for others.